In favorite notification emails, profile URL is wrong

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When a user favs one of my notices I got a mail from my instance notifying me so.

In such email, there's a link to the supposed profile URL that fav'd my notice. The error is that this profile URL is wrong, it uses my instance's domain insted of the other user's one. In my case, where I first noticed, the email said instead of

I'm using Git master branch, commit 61992dd9a254e94a5299f73a8d697d9e2c67cddd

Please request any additional information you need.

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Line 573 in plugins/Favorite/FavoritePlugin.php is the culprit, as it assumes the favorites are always made by someone on the local instance:

I wonder if this is even solvable. A list of the remote user's favorites is unlikely to be a predictable link. Is it even desirable to get a link to the other person's favorite notices?

Not sure what we should do to fix this. Maybe just a link to the other profile's home URL?

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Isn't favorites list just the profile URL + /favorites?

If not and "unlikely to predict", I think it's fair enough to point to the profile's home URL, at least that way the recipient will know who favorited its notice.

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