Lists can not be deleted
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On deleting a list, an error occurs. No info on screen, this goes into the log:

2015-02-07 11:03:41 LOG_ERR: [ POST /mrb/all/mrbs/edit] editpeopletag.php - Unknown error (NULL)(UPDATE on null)
2015-02-07 11:03:41 LOG_ERR: [ POST /mrb/all/mrbs/edit] ServerErrorAction: 500 Could not update list.
#0 /usr/local/statusnet/actions/editpeopletag.php(295): Action->serverError('Could not updat...')
#1 /usr/local/statusnet/actions/editpeopletag.php(142): EditpeopletagAction->trySave()
#2 /usr/local/statusnet/lib/action.php(123): EditpeopletagAction->handle(Array)
#3 /usr/local/statusnet/lib/action.php(101): Action->execute(Array)
#4 [internal function]: Action::run(Array)
#5 /usr/local/statusnet/index.php(316): call_user_func('EditpeopletagAc...', Array)
#6 /usr/local/statusnet/index.php(330): main()
#7 {main}

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Applied your fix to nightly.

Not sure why anyone would call updates on a profile list just before deleting it anyway...

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