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A few days ago a lot of users has come to GNU social running away of the censorship of Twitter, but now they're discovering that they can't share all kind of pictures they want because the "censorship" of the admins, e.g. on Quitter Zone is no longer possible to share any +18 picture because of the underage people.
That's why I though about the idea of a NSFW filter, something like what Diaspora does, enabled (lvl 2/3, see below) by default but we could disable it when when we wanted to see any kind of content and it had 3 levels:

  1. Disabled: shows all kind of content
  2. Only shows the hagstag #NSFW, but nothing more, so we should click on this note to see the entire message
  3. Enabled: it blocks every NSFW content

People is going to find NSFW content if they want to (Tumblr shows this kind of content publicly, without any kind of "censorship" about it). It's a time question to someone create a server without this moderation and everyone move on there to share this kind of pictures.

Accounts with only mature material should mark an option to mark their posts NSFW by default.
That way we reduce the reports and only should be reported +18 content without the hagstag.

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