Notices are NOT sent via OStatus, only to Twitter


I updated my gnusocial instance the 25th of october 2014, after a security warning posted by @mmn [1].
As always, I executed scripts/upgrade.php . It was very long, but finally ended.

Previous version was master commit 48f9076, updated the 3th of march 2014. Everything worked well so far.
Current version uses master commit 5eea06b.

Since the update, I spot new bugs on a daily basis, more or less. It's becoming a nightmare...

And, as you will see these are not exactly what we could call "little" bugs...

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The repeats are probably sent to GNU social followers now. However this won't be the case as soon as we implement a more trustworthy repeat system (where you can't fake notices through the repeat mechanism).

Also, I can't test or fix TwitterBridge issues due to lack of API key and a wish not to support their centralization, so unless someone jumps in and takes the bait I don't think we should have these lingering as "Unbreak now!".

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