Web timeline not (always) refreshed


I updated my gnusocial instance the 25th of october 2014, after a security warning posted by @mmn [1].
As always, I executed scripts/upgrade.php . It was very long, but finally ended.

Previous version was master commit 48f9076, updated the 3th of march 2014. Everything worked well so far.
Current version uses master commit 5eea06b.

Since the update, I spot new bugs on a daily basis, more or less. It's becoming a nightmare...

And, as you will see these are not exactly what we could call "little" bugs...

  • Unable to refresh timeline. Web browser always show same notice list, imported notices from Twitter and/or retweets are not shown. Logout and login back doesn't change anything (so it's not a session issue). Restarting memcached unblock situation. Corrupted content into memcached ? Memcahced plugin screwed up ?
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Well, at least I can verify that I experience the same issue with Memcache / Memcached enabled. I also experience a bunch of other bugs which are peculiar and need real investigation.

However, I don't experience much of a performance improvement with memcache, so personally I would simply recommend not using Memcache until this has been investigated.

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