Handling for Remote Profiles


When clicking on the profile of a user that's registered on another site, the link is opened on that site. This feels weird, because 1) the design changes 2) you have to login again to follow the user.

Additionally, a popup with "Remoteprofil-Einstellungen…" (remote profile settings, this is named really bad) opens, which takes you to the same profile, while staying on the local site/node. (this profile seems to be missing the navigation sidebar, bug?)

I think the behaviour should be changed to use the second option by default, and probably get rid of the first option.

This is using gnusocial.de running 1.1.1-alpha2.

Nutomic created this task.Via WebSep 29 2014, 5:24 PM
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mmn claimed this task.Via WebOct 25 2014, 8:20 AM

The "remote profile" page is a bit special. I've tried to improve it, but there's still work that has to be done to make it more normal.

The main problem is that the site.example/{profilename} URL can only handle local profiles currently, and it'd be nice to have the same code handling both remote and local profile pages.

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