GNU social doesn't work well behind pound (for SSL) and varnish.

10:28 AM <_MrB__> What is the recommended config for running https gnu-social behind a proxy? nginx in my case. There is a function in lib/statusnet.php (isHTTPS) which tests somewhat bluntly if we are on https.
10:28 AM <_MrB__> the https part is handled by nginx btw, that already works.
11:01 AM <eg0r> Is there some documentation about config.php ?
11:03 AM <_MrB__> eg0r: the CONFIGURE file contains quite a bit of information.
11:05 AM <eg0r> _MrB__ Thanks. I'm gonna read it more carefully than the first time ! :)
11:41 AM <_MrB_> I declare gnu-social 'unswitchable' from http to https.
1:51 PM <@mattl> _MrB_: yeah, i couldn't get it working using pound+varnish+apache which is how I usually make stuff work with HTTPS.
6:44 PM <hellekin> _MrB_: that function looks for $_SERVER["HTTPS"].  Did you try passing fastcgi_param HTTPS on?
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Sounds more like you have to configure your HTTPS proxy thingie better. Why not just run the TLS config directly in Apache?

I have no experience with the pound and varnish tools and can thus not perform any tests.

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