Twitterbridge can't update avatars if it was manually deleted


Twitterbridge doesn't update avatars if if was manually deleted. Last message in logs about it:

2014-05-25 13:15:52 LOG_DEBUG: [] TwitterImport::updateAvatar - No avatar found for (profile_id=1841)

And after it twitterbridge doesn't even trying to update avatar or redownload it, if missing.

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I'm sorry, but I can't be responsible for TwitterBridge functionality. I am happy to have severed my ties with that (dis)service. So someone else will have to take it.

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The state of the TwitterBridge plugin gets worse over time. Apparently none of the active people feels like maintaining it.

IMHO the state is now so bad it should be archived and clearly stated as not supported unitl the situation improves (wrt maintainership). Note that for many people twitter integration is an important feature and lowers the threshold for a larger audience to adopt an open system while keeping the communication channel with "the rest of the world" open for them.

Just a thought.

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@mrb I agree that TwitterBridge may be important for many users, but my personal stance is that I won't put energy into something that _will_ (undoubtedtly) stop working at Twitter's discretion.

They _will_ change their API, rules and probably further decrease the possibility for third party interaction with user accounts. So anyone who believes the TwitterBridge is important is doomed anyway. It's just a matter of (probably short) time.

Though of course it would be appreciated to see patches for TwitterBridge from anyone who's up to it.

Also, there's the question of whether it's the code's fault or if this bug lies on @pztrn for manually removing avatars? Then, if the code doesn't handle it and noone introduces such a patch, @pztrn is reasonably responsible for manually fixing whatever has to be fixed.

It's generally not recommended to fiddle in the database on one's own.

mrb added a comment.Via WebJun 28 2014, 10:41 AM

@mmn On the project level, I'd rather see a firmer choice:


  1. we support Twitterbridge and collectively make it work as best as we can; or
  2. We don't like talking to twitter and be dependent on their API and thus don't support the code anymore and put it into an archived state.

In the current situation, what is likely to happen is that people keep filing bugs on it and they never get any attention.

pztrn added a comment.Via WebJun 28 2014, 1:32 PM

Okay, I will try to fix this bug. Grabing this task :)

By the way, this wasn't a database change, I just deleted avatar/* due to update (I'm always refetching avatars with deletion on my instances, to get rid of old avatars if they are still here).

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@pztrn it would be awesome if you would get into the TwitterBridge code. Any news on this?

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